[Frontiers in Bioscience 3, d354-364, March 22, 98]

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Douglas W. Grosenbach and Dennis E. Hruby

Department of Microbiology, Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, 97331, U.S.A.

Received 2/27/98 Accepted 3/5/98


1. Abstract
2. Introduction
2.1 Overview of the vaccinia life cycle
2.2 Overview of protein fatty acylation

3. Identification of vaccinia acylproteins
3.1 Myristylproteins
3.2 Palmitylproteins

4. Biological significance of VV acylproteins
4.1 Myristylproteins
4.1.1 L1R
4.1.2 ATI
4.1.3 A14L
4.1.4 A16L, E7R, G9R
4.2 Palmitylproteins
4.2.1 p37
4.2.2 gp42
4.2.3 A33R

5. Perspective and future directions
5.1 Perspective
5.2 Future directions
5.2.1 Further analysis of VV myristylproteins
5.2.2 Further analysis of VV palmitylproteins
6. References
7. Entire manuscript

Key words: Protein Acylation, Viral Envelope, Palmitylation, Myristylation, Protein Targeting, Vaccinia, Intracellular Mature Virus, Intracellular Enveloped Virus, Cell-Associated Enveloped Virus, Extracellular Enveloped Virus, DNA Viruses

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