[Frontiers in Bioscience 3, d719-728, July 23, 1998]

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Masaaki Moroi and Stephanie M. Jung

Department of Protein Biochemistry, Institute of Life Science, Kurume University, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka-ken Japan 839-0861

Received 5/7/98 Accepted 5/24/98

Table of Contents

1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. The major integrins involved in adhesion
3.1 Integrin alphaIIb beta3 (Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa)
3.2 Integrin alpha2 beta1
4. Modes of platelet adhesion and the involvement of integrins in these processes
4.1 Platelet adhesion to the fibrinogen/fibrin surface
4.2 Platelet adhesion to the collagen surface
4.3 Platelet adhesion to other protein surfaces
5. Perspectives on the future direction of research on adhesion
6. References
7. Entire manuscript

Key words: Platelet, Adhesion, Integrin alpha2 beta1, Integrin alphaIIb beta3, GPIIb/IIIa, Collagen, Fibrinogen, Von Willebrand factor

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