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1. Select the text you would like to print (the cursor should be placed at the begning of the text to be selected, then, pull down the mouse to highlight and the text). Click the print icon of the browser. Choose, "print selection". Click OK.

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Tags: The manuscripts published in the Frontiers in Bioscience are written using html 3.0 extension tags. Web browsers with less capabilities would not be able to intrepret these tags. Some tags are used for scientific symbols, some for texts (such as superscript and subscript texts) and tables. Below, some of these tags are used to display certain features. If your browser does not properly show the text or the table below, then try upgrading the browser to a version being able to interpret the tags.

Superscript text=> 105
Subscript text=> H2O2
Centrigrade degree=> 5°C
Alpha=> a
Beta=> b
Gamma=> c
Table =>

table Title
Header 1Header 2
Listing 1Listing 2