[Frontiers in Bioscience 3, d570-603, June 17, 1998]

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Piero R. Bianco 1, Robert B. Tracy 1,2,3 and Stephen C. Kowalczykowski 1,2

1Sections of Microbiology and of Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2Microbiology Graduate Group, University of California, Davis, CA 95616, 3 Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, USC School of Medicine, 1441 Eastlake Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90033

Received 5/24/98 Accepted 6/11/98


1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Biochemical models for homologous recombination
3.1. Introduction
3.1.1. Escherichia coli
3.1.2. Bacteriophage T4
3.1.3. S. cerevisiae
3.2. Initiation
3.2.1. Escherichia coli
3.2.2. Bacteriophage T4
3.2.3. S.cerevisiae
3.3. Homologous pairing and DNA strand exchange
3.3.1. Escherichia coli
3.3.2. Bacteriophage T4
3.3.3. S. cerevisiae
3.4. DNA heteroduplex extension
3.4.1. Escherichia coli
3.4.2. Bacteriophage T4
3.4.3. S. cerevisiae
3.5. Resolution
3.5.1. Escherichia coli
3.5.2. Bacteriophage T4
3.5.3. S. cerevisiae
4. Mechanism of DNA strand exchange
4.1. Presynapsis (figure 3, step 1)
4.1.1. Escherichia coli
4.1.2. Bacteriophage T4
4.1.3. S. cerevisiae
4.2. Synapsis (figure 3, steps 2, 3)
4.2.1. Escherichia coli
4.2.2. Bacteriophage T4
4.2.3. S. cerevisiae
4.3. Branch migration (figure 3, step 4)
4.3.1. Escherichia coli
4.3.2. Bacteriophage T4
4.3.3. S. cerevisiae
4.4. ATP hydrolysis in DNA strand exchange
4.4.1. Escherichia coli
4.4.2. Bacteriophage T4
4.4.3. S. cerevisiae
5. Structural comparison
5.1. Filament structure
5.1.1. Escherichia coli
5.1.2. Bacteriophage T4
5.1.3. S. cerevisiae
5.2. Primary amino acid sequence and crystal structure
5.2.1. Escherichia coli
5.2.2. Bacteriophage T4
5.2.3. S. cerevisiae
6. Perspective
7. Acknowledgments
8. References
9. Entire manuscript

Key words: DNA binding protein, DNA strand exchange, DNA repair, homologous recombination, nuclease, helicase, RecA protein, Rad51 protein, UvsX protein, RecBCD enzyme, SSB protein, RecF, RecO, RecR, RecG, RecQ, RuvAB, RuvC, DNA gyrase, DNA topoisomerase, gp46, gp47, gp41, gp59, gp32, UvsY, Dda, UvsW, gp41, gp59, gp49, Mre11, Rad50, Xrs2, Spo11, RPA, Rad52, Rad54, Rad55, Rad57, Rad59

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