[Frontiers in Bioscience 3, d376-398, March 26, 98]

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Katherine M. Hannan, Ross D. Hannan and Lawrence I. Rothblum

Henry Hood Research Program, Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Penn State College of Medicine, Weis Centre for Research, 100 N. Academy Avenue, Danville, PA 17822-2618

Received 3/18/98 Accepted 3/23/98


1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. General Background
3.1. The Nucleolus
3.2. Synthesis and Assembly of Ribosomes
3.3. Proteins Associated with Ribosomes

4. rDNA Transcription
4.1. The rRNA Genes
4.1.1. rDNA Promoter
4.1.2. Intergenic Spacer
4.1.3. Terminators
4.2. Proteins Involved in rDNA Transcription
4.2.1. RNA Polymerase I
4.2.2. RNA Polymerase I Associated Factors TFIC, TIF-IA and Factor C* TIF-IC PAFs
4.2.3. rDNA Trans-Acting Factors Factors which bind to the core promoter element UBF Ku/E1BF CPBF Topoisomerase p16
4.3. Formation of Preinitation Complexes
5. Regulation of rDNA Transcription
5.1. Chromatin
5.2. RNA Polymerase I
5.3. RNA Polymerase I Associated Factors
5.3.1. TFIC, TIF-IA and Factor C*
5.3.2. PAF53
5.4. rDNA Trans-acting Factors
5.4.1. SL-1
5.4.2. UBF
5.5. Other Factors
5.5.1. Ku/E1BF and CPBF
5.5.2. Topoisomerases
6. References
7. Entire manuscript

Key words: Nucleolus, Ribosome, rRNA, rDNA, transcription, RNA polymerase I, TFIC, PAF53, SL-1, UBF, Ku, E1BF, Topoisomerase, nucleolin, CPBF, TIF-IA, Factor C*

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