[Frontiers in Bioscience E2, 250-257, January 1, 2010]

Comparison of methods for statistical analysis of combination studies

Alexander N. Donev

School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, UK


1. Abstract
2. Introduction
2. Introduction
3. Statistical Methodologies
4. Comparison of Methodologies
4.1. Study 1
4.2. Study 2
5. Conclusion
6. Acknowledgement
7. References


This paper is concerned with the statistical analysis of data obtained in studies of the joint action of drugs. The three methods that are compared are illustrated on real data (1), using the statistical package SAS. It is argued that while the results obtained using these methods do not differ substantially, the method allowing for estimating simultaneously all required parameters is to be preferred. It allows for a statistical test for the significance of the joint action of the drug combinations to be carried out.