[Frontiers in Bioscience S3, 1511-1519, June 1, 2011]

Differential expression profiles of mRNAs, miRNAs and proteins during embryo implantation

Ji-Long Liu1, Ren-Wei Su1, Zeng-Ming Yang1,2

1Department of Biology, Shantou University, Shantou 515063, 2School of Life Science, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China


1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Transcriptomic approach to understand implantation
3.1. Humans
3.2. Mice
3.2.1. Implantation sites versus inter-implantation sites
3.2.2. Delayed implantation and activation
3.2.3. Pseudo-pregnancy
3.3. Non-human primates
3.4. Cows
3.5. Pigs 4. miRNAs and implantation 4.1. Humans
4.2. Mice 5. Proteomic analysis of implantation 5.1. Humans
5.2. Mice
5.3. Non-human primates
5.4. Cows
6. Conclusions and perspectives
7. Acknowledgement
8. References


Embryo implantation is a critical step in mammalian reproduction and includes apposition of the blastocyst, attachment to the uterine epithelium and decidualization of the uterine stroma. However, the key mechanism underlying embryo implantation remains to be elucidated. In recent years, high-throughput transcriptomic and proteomic approaches make it possible for studying the expression levels of thousands of genes and proteins simultaneously and thus accelerate the understanding of gene regulatory networks involved in embryo implantation. This review briefly summarizes the advance on mRNA, miRNA and protein expression profile analysis during embryo implantation in human and a variety of animal models.