[Frontiers In Bioscience, Landmark, 23, 852-864, January 1, 2018]

Impact of chocolate on the cardiovascular health

Maria Alessandra Gammone1, Konstantinos Efthymakis2, Francesca Romana Pluchinotta3, Sonia Bergante3, Guido Tettamanti3, Graziano Riccioni4, Nicolantonio D’Orazio1

1Human and Clinical Nutrition Unit, Department of Medical Oral and Biotechnological Sciences, “G. D’Annunzio” University, Via Dei Vestini 31, Chieti, 66013, Italy, 2Department of Medicine and Ageing Sciences and Center for Excellence on Ageing and Translational Medicine (CeSI-MeT), “G. D’Annunzio” University and Foundation, Via Luigi Polacchi 11, 66013, Chieti, Italy 3IRCCS “S. Donato” Hospital, San Donato Milanese, Piazza Edmondo Malan, 20097 Milan, Italy, 4Cardiology Unit, “San Camillo De Lellis” Hospital, Via Isonzo 1, 71043 Manfredonia (Fg), Italy


Table 1. Amount (mg) of phenolics, flavonoids and metylxanthines in three variants of chocolate

Chocolate variant Phenolics Flavonoids Theobromine Caffeine Theophylline
Cacao (raw ground paste) 6500 203-1233 2057 230 200
Dark chocolate 579 28 802 80 < limit of detection
Milk chocolate 160 13 125 20 < limit of detection
White chocolate 126 8 Not determined Not determined < limit of detection

Adapted from (10, 37, 94-98)