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  • Frontiers in Bioscience, a Nonprofit organization: Frontiers in Bioscience(FBS) is dedicated to fostering science, education and research. FBS was launched in 1996 as the first electronic medical journal and because of this it was indexed from the outset by the National Library of Medicine and received the 501 (c)(3) status from Internal Revenue Service in 1998. FBS is now recognized as one of the top 0.5% of Non-profit among 1.5 million Non-profit organizations that are assessed and indexed by GuideStar. GuideStar is one of the first central sources of information on U.S. Non-profits and is the world’s largest source of information about Non-profit organizations.

    Frontiers in Bioscience Journal:Since inception, FBS has been committed to furthering the science around the world by creating the largest peer reviewed “Encyclopedia of Bioscience” which holds over 6000 scholarly contributions by dedicated scientists around the globe. Frontiers in Bioscience journal has over 1000 managing editors who invite well known scientists to contribute to the Encyclopedia, and arrange the peer review and acceptance of the publications. FBS also has over 50 editors who actively contribute their time and effort in increasing the visibility and functions of FBS.

    Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute:Frontiers in Bioscience launched the Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute in Aging and Cancer with the mission geared towards helping humanity on a grand scale as we learn as why cancer cells are immortal and use this knowledge to treat cancer and to overcome aging. Treatment of cancer has been traditionally founded on the basis of killing cancer cells with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. However, such treatment strategies are often very disabling to the patient and they also reduce the immunity and sometimes cause death by infection. Moreover, over a long term, the cancer can recur and such recurrent disease commonly leads to death.

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  • Treatment of Cancer: We have opted for a completely different approach to treat cancer. We have been working on cancer since 2005 to learn the reason why cancer cells are immortal since such an insight would enable us to cure cancer by attacking this immortality. Since then, we have found and published some of leading causes of cancer immortality and developed a drug to cure cancer. Our initial results on skin cancer have been promising and now we would like to carry out a clinical trial first in 50 patients and then in a larger number of patients to receive FDA approval. Following the approval, we will continue to test the treatment in all types of cancer since our treatment is likely to work on all types of cancer. This revolutionary approach does not kill cancer cells, it does remove the signals in cancer cells that prompt them to divide and following this, the cancer cells commit suicide without any need for chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Thus, our treatment strategies can lead to fundamentally different approach from those currently pursued and is likely to provide us with a sweeping method to cure this deadly disease. We are trying to raise funds for clinical trials.

    Life Extension and Rejuvenation of Human Beings: The second aim of the institute is to find ways to extend human life-span and to rejuvenate human beings. This is done through learning as why cancer cells are immortal and we use such a knowledge to confer such immortality on normal aging cells. We already have shown that we can extend the life-span of human cells by 30% and now are getting close to understanding as how we can generate stem cells for regenerative medicine through modulation of pathways of metabolism and also reverse aging in human cells.

  • We believe that we are at the brink of a new scientific discovery. Our goals are within reach. However, such prospects require significant funding. We greatly appreciate any help you wish to give us.

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  • You can donate to us directly, or through online platforms for act of giving including Guidestar , or Generosity.
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  • You can donate directly to FBS, through Generosity or Guidestar

All your donations are tax deductible and if you intend to make donations over $2000, we will provide you with a genetic test that allows us to decipher your biologic age. If you donate $50,000 we will provide you with a full body scan and whole genome sequencing which allows you to learn your liabilities in life as you grow older and we will teach you ways to extend your life-span. Please contact us for full details